Is Vaping E-Juice with Caffeine a Good Idea?

You may be intrigued … or even tempted …  to try e-juice with caffeine in it. After all, it does kind of sound like an attractive idea at first listen. But is it even possible? And if so, is it a good idea?

Let’s dig deeper.

Do e-juices with caffeine exist?

You can actually buy e-juices with caffeine in them (although their article also provides reasons why you shouldn’t buy them).

Therefore … it is definitely possible to have e-juice with caffeine in it. After doing some more research, I found some notable brands currently on the marketplace which include High Voltage Vaporz and Turbo Snort (yes you read that right), the latter which is actually a caffeine nasal spray that you can also drip into your e-juice.

Now just because something exists doesn’t mean that it’s a good idea .. or even that it has customers.

Should you try e-juice with caffeine in it?

It could be worth a try just out of curiosity alone .. but first let’s get into the facts.

The average cup of coffee has about 100 mg of caffeine in it.

How much does Turbo Snot have in one bottle? According to their website, one 15 ML bottle of snot juice has only 0.25 mg per puff of caffeine.

That would mean to get the equivalent of one cup of coffee worth of caffeine, you would need to take take 400 snot puffs of turbo junk. Good luck walking around the office sniffing all day.

Just to double down on that, inhaling caffeine is 60% as potent as drinking it. Doing the math you would actually need to take 666 puffs of turbo juice to get one cup of coffee. I don’t think that exact number is a coincidence either ;).

Also, nicotine takes longer to dissipate than caffeine does. This means that while you’re waiting for the nicotine in your e-juice to become vapor, most of the caffeine may have already evaporated.

LASTLY … caffeine taste awful by itself. That’s why you drown your coffee in sugar of course!

So in my humble opinion, caffeine infused e-juice is nothing more than a marketing ploy to sell e-liquids under the guise of a “energy infusion” .. but really the science just doesn’t work out. All you’ll probably get is a bitter after taste or a runny nose.

Conclusion: Buy great tasting e-juice with or without nicotine, and leave the caffeine where it belongs .. in your morning cup of joe!

twelve vapes band brands

Top Popular Vape Pen Brands

A vape pen is a light vaporizer that can be effectively conveyed anywhere by clients. Most sorts of vape pens look like wellspring pens however some have unmistakable outlines. This makes vape pens significantly lesser henceforth simple to convey in your hand or stash. Truth be told, numerous individuals will think you are trucking a standard pen, however in a genuine sense, it is a vaporizer.

For the most part, vape pens capacity same as greater conduction vaporizers. Different vapes can utilize oil, wax or fluid that sets in the upper chamber that utilization heat from a coil to produce vapor

vape pen brandApollo V Tube 

The Apollo V-Tube can fire down to 0.2ohm and to start up to 50W. This vape pen contains 510 associations that infer that it is upon you to pick the tank to use.This pack is fabulous for those clients who need an effective vape tube controller that can give them the perfect stage for e-fluid vaping.

This pack additionally accompanies frill like double 18650 battery charger, 18650 battery, one of a kind ohm tank and 30ml max VG e-juice choice.

Vaporfi Rocket 

This unit has the accompanying elements, prime 2.5 ml tank close by wind stream alternatives and a 1600mAh variable voltage battery. This rocket offers a charming vaping background with customization other than wind stream decisions and variable vitality and much adaptability. The vapor production and flavor you procure from Varpofi is tasty.

Other best e-fluid units might incorporate, Vapor Pro and Eleaf iStick.

Dry herb vape pens: 

A few vaporizers can vape dry herbs. These herbs have been being used for quite a long time with the end goal of unwinding, contemplation, and recuperating. Specific herbs and blossoms care dried, pulverized and put in a vape pen that has the capacity of vaping them. In the vape pen chamber, the dry herbs are warmed to release a vapor that is breathed in by clients. Certain herbs and blossoms have differing fragrance based treatment properties.

Vaping maryjane through vaporizers is to a great degree prevalent since you don’t need to blaze leaves as it was before. Research has uncovered that vaping cannabis is more protected and productive than bong smoking or customary joint. This very concentrate on demonstrated that individuals who vaporized maryjane tend to feel all the more capable, henceforth should be watchful.

Atmos Boss: 

This is an improved assortment of the Atmos Raw for vaping dry herbs. It is very much perceived for quick 40 seconds heat up period, thin plan, and super smooth. Atmos Boss can warm up to 385 degrees with a wonderful flavor and smooth draw.

V2 Pro Series 3: 

This is a multipurpose 3 in 1 pack that guides you to shift without difficulty between dry herbs, waxes, and e-fluids. This pack utilizes different units for e-fluids, waxes and herbs and the fit well in the pen with an attractive association. It is additionally ready to hold 0.1g of her in its chamber.

Cloud V Phantom: 

Cloud V Phantom is an appealing herbal vaporizer unit. It has the capacity to keep 0.3g of dry herbs. The most famous thing about this hardware is that when you buy it accompanies two batteries

Wax and Oil Vape Pens: 

Oil and waxes are concentrates of specific substances. Since they are a concentrated mix, you have the benefit of longing for a little amount of this component to get an even result. Therefore, if you need to vape oils and waxes, you need to discover a vape pen that can perform the same.

Cloud V Classic: 

This is a miniaturized scale pen that can be utilized to vape either wax or oils. Cloud V Classic pack is anything but difficult to utilize, and it is tiny. This makes it simple to put in your pocket and to evacuate at whatever point you have to pave.Another imperative thing about this pack is that it can be charged utilizing a USB link. It has a great atomizer utilized as a part of warming waxes and oils quicker and all the more productively.

Closing Thoughts

Vape pens are controlled by a rechargeable battery that heats up an atomizer. This is similar to a stove warming the fluid in your pen to simply the point where it will vaporize: not boil or smolder but rather get to be water beads shaping clean white clouds the client breathes in.