Is Vaping E-Juice with Caffeine a Good Idea?

You may be intrigued … or even tempted …  to try e-juice with caffeine in it. After all, it does kind of sound like an attractive idea at first listen. But is it even possible? And if so, is it a good idea?

Let’s dig deeper.

Do e-juices with caffeine exist?

You can actually buy e-juices with caffeine in them (although their article also provides reasons why you shouldn’t buy them).

Therefore … it is definitely possible to have e-juice with caffeine in it. After doing some more research, I found some notable brands currently on the marketplace which include High Voltage Vaporz and Turbo Snort (yes you read that right), the latter which is actually a caffeine nasal spray that you can also drip into your e-juice.

Now just because something exists doesn’t mean that it’s a good idea .. or even that it has customers.

Should you try e-juice with caffeine in it?

It could be worth a try just out of curiosity alone .. but first let’s get into the facts.

The average cup of coffee has about 100 mg of caffeine in it.

How much does Turbo Snot have in one bottle? According to their website, one 15 ML bottle of snot juice has only 0.25 mg per puff of caffeine.

That would mean to get the equivalent of one cup of coffee worth of caffeine, you would need to take take 400 snot puffs of turbo junk. Good luck walking around the office sniffing all day.

Just to double down on that, inhaling caffeine is 60% as potent as drinking it. Doing the math you would actually need to take 666 puffs of turbo juice to get one cup of coffee. I don’t think that exact number is a coincidence either ;).

Also, nicotine takes longer to dissipate than caffeine does. This means that while you’re waiting for the nicotine in your e-juice to become vapor, most of the caffeine may have already evaporated.

LASTLY … caffeine taste awful by itself. That’s why you drown your coffee in sugar of course!

So in my humble opinion, caffeine infused e-juice is nothing more than a marketing ploy to sell e-liquids under the guise of a “energy infusion” .. but really the science just doesn’t work out. All you’ll probably get is a bitter after taste or a runny nose.

Conclusion: Buy great tasting e-juice with or without nicotine, and leave the caffeine where it belongs .. in your morning cup of joe!